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Women's Cascade Flip Flop

395 total reviews

CA-Eclipse Black
CA-Slate Gray
CA-Smoked Bronze
CA-White Water
CA-Coral Sunrise
CA-Cedar Green
CA-Morning Violet
CA-Blue Springs
CA-Sage Green
CA-Dark Blue Springs
CA-Rustic Wine
CA-Idaho Sky
CA-Sand Stone

This product fits true to size. If you are 1/2 size, order the next size up. If you have a wide foot, order 1/2 - 1 size up.

Example 1: If you are a 10.5 or 11 regular or narrow width, order an 11.

Example 2: If you are 10 or 10.5 Wide, order an 11.

This product will ship within 2 business days. Returns/Exchanges will be accepted within 40 days of purchase date. Customer pays return shipping costs.

WARNING - This product may shrink under prolonged intense heat. Avoid leaving in direct sunlight, hot car, etc.

6 MONTH WARRANTY Against manufacturer's defects. See WARRANTY page for more information.


1. When you first try them on, they may feel a bit slick. This feeling will go away within the first hour of wear. A light scrub with a dry towel can also help.

2. Please allow a few hours of wear to break-in your sandals. Our unique blend of E.V.A. material called EVASOL will start to soften up with wear, and the footbed will actually adapt to the shape of your foot.

3. NuuSol sandals are lightweight, slip resistant, and they float. They are non-porous and anti-microbial, so they will not soak up any liquids or bad odors.

4. If you get them dirty, just throw them in the wash­ing machine on cold. If they are really dirty, a light scrub with soap and water works best.

5. Please avoid excessive heat for long periods of time. E.V.A. material is fantastic because it is very soft, yet support­ive, however they may shrink a bit if they get too hot. Just keep them in the shade whenever possible. This is covered under warranty with free exchanges.

Great for your next trip to the lake, walking around town, traveling, or just giving your feet a break; the support and cushion provided by NuuSol footwear will make your whole body happy.
POWERED BY EVASOL FOAM soft, supportive, and really comfortable.
GREAT FOR WATER FUN buoyant, lightweight, non-marking, and non-porous (they won't collect bacteria or stinky smells).
MACHINE WASHABLE on cold, or just give them a light scrub.
DEEP HEEL CUP that promotes good posture.
THE PERFECT ARCH SUPPORT for all day comfort.
TEXTURED FOOTBED that provides a cooling air flow and extra grip to help prevent sweaty feet and slipping.
SLIP RESISTANT on wet and dry surfaces.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 395 reviews
      C.G. (Rancho Palos Verdes, US)

      I just got mine & they came in just a couple of days! I wear a size 8 & they fit perfect! They are super light & comfortable & pretty cute! I love them!! Gonna order another pair!

      B.H. (Timpson, US)
      SIZE UP

      I was so excited after reading all the great reviews.. I Just bought 3 pair and I wear size 8 well needless to say my feet hang off the back.. im so upset 😞.. so if anyone orders u better order up a size

      L.H. (Glennville, US)

      These are the first flip flops I have been able to wear for long periods of time without getting pain in my feet. I have plantar fasciitis and the pain melts away when I wear these or my sandals by NuuSol. Amazing I Love them!

      B.B. (Kennewick, US)
      The best sandals, but keep out of the sun!

      I love these! They are the best! I have ordered several pairs. Just this week I left a pair outside in direct sun for several hours and came back to find the toe area had curled up and they had shrunk. I will be ordering another pair as they are my absolute favorite, but keep them in the shade or bring them inside.

      S.L. (Rio Linda, US)
      Love my flip flops🇺🇸

      I love my flip flops! I’ve had them for over a year, gosh maybe 2.
      They are still comfortable and nice looking. I especially like that they are made in the USA!!
      I’ll probably get another pair, I just need to decide what color 😁

      T.N. (Camp Hill, US)
      Great comfort, keep out of sun

      These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. However I have a pool and when I left my black pair in the sun they shrunk from a size 10 to 8 and no longer fit. Do not leave in the sun for long amount of time

      We are sorry to hear that your sandals shrunk. We are familiar with our sandals shrinking under intense heat (so are all our competitors), but it rarely happens. We do cover this issue under our Warranty.

      Please contact info@nuusol.com to initiate your warranty claim.

      L.S. (Oakwood, US)
      The best!

      I own 2 pairs, a black pair and a white pair. These are the most comfortable flip flops I own. These are my go to year round. I don’t even wear my bedroom slippers any more. In my opinion you can not go wrong with purchasing these shoes!

      K.N. (Gainesville, US)
      AMAZING Flip Flop and OUTSTANDING customer service

      I have two pairs of cascade flip-flops and love them both. Recently in the hot Florida sun, one of my newer pairs shrunk. I reached out to customer service and they offered a solution. I have now purchased an additional pair because of the outstanding customer service. Buy the shoes - you will be glad you did. I have plantar fasciitis and can wear these for hours with no problems. I love that they are made in the USA too!! THANK YOU!

      K.J. (Gaffney, US)
      Perfect for my imperfect feet!

      I have recently ordered and returned flip flops from 2 other companies, so wasn't holding my breath on these. I have high arches & hallux rigidus (causing swelling in the big toe joint), & have previously suffered from plantar fasciitis. Finding comfortable, supportive shoes is not easy. These flipflops are true to size, wonderful arch support & practically weightless. I've worn them every day since opening the box! I will be ordering another pair. My new favorites! Would love to see more colors!

      Von (Derby, US)
      Sore feet fixed:))

      My mother was having foot problems to the point she almost couldn’t work. I twisted my foot in the garden and was having severe pain. I came across these at Natural Grocers, Immediately I could walk without pain. Since it worked for me I bought a pair for my mom. She experienced the exact same thing and was so happy. She really thought she was going to have to quit work because she couldn’t walk, she really needed the income. These shoes support your feet perfectly in a way they can heal and provide support that eases pain and gives so much relief. They truly were a miracle for my mom and I.