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July 04, 2020 2 min read

NuuSol-Girl laying in grass with a pair of Rustic Wine flip flops lying next to her. She's holding an American flag.

At NuuSol, we take pride in the fact that our sandals are made right here in the U.S. Our corporate office is in Caldwell, Idaho, and our comfortable sandals are manufactured in Ontario, Oregon. Sure, we could lower our costs by manufacturing overseas, but we are committed to supporting the U.S. economy and American workers.

Here’s why you should buy products that are made in the USA:


1. Unmatched Quality

Products that are manufactured in the U.S. are made with higher quality materials and components. Better quality products last longer, which means you spend less money and waste fewer resources in the long run.

With foreign-made products, there’s no guarantee of quality. Sandals that are manufactured overseas may have a cheaper price tag, but if they don’t last, is it worth the lower price? You’ll spend more money replacing those sandals than you would buying an American-made shoe to begin with.

2. Support the U.S. Economy

When you buy products made in the USA, you support the American economy and American manufacturing. This means more opportunities for U.S. investment and finance. It also helps support American jobs.

Along with supporting the U.S. economy as a whole, you’re also supporting local economies. Local manufacturing plants help support local communities and economies through job opportunities and other business activities.

3. Support U.S. Workers and Fair Labor

Purchasing products made in the USA supports local factories that provide jobs for American families. You can also be sure that your products are made under fair and safe working conditions. American workers are paid an honest, fair wage for their labor.

Factories in the United States must follow stringent compliance regulations and undergo rigorous testing to meet the quality standards USA-made products are known for.

The unfortunate truth is that foreign working conditions can be unsafe, unhealthy and unfair. Workers may not be paid fair wages.

When you buy domestically, you ensure that your money isn’t supporting these practices. You also keep Americans working by supporting local manufacturing facilities that employ workers across the country.

4. Less Environmental Impact

Environmentally conscious consumers know that buying locally is better for the environment. Foreign-made products must travel hundreds or thousands of miles to reach the U.S. From planes or cargo ships to trucks, the trip from overseas to your doorstep can be hard on the environment.

Many U.S. factories are investing in renewable, clean and environmentally friendly practices, which further reduces environmental impact. Furthermore, American manufacturing facilities have to comply with stricter environmental regulations.

When you support American-made products, you support the planet.

5. Support American Independence

When you buy American, you support U.S. independence. Many factories have shifted their operations overseas in favor of cheaper labor, taking American jobs with them. When manufacturing shifts overseas, it makes the U.S. dependent on these countries.

USA made products support American independence and minimizes the impact of political conflict on access to goods.

When you buy products made in the USA, you support the American economy and workers, the environment and fair labor practices. That's why NuuSol is committed to manufacturing all of our sandals right here in the United States.


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