4 Reasons Why NuuSol is the Last Sandal You Will Ever Need

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Like a reliable car, a good pair of sandals will see you through some of life’s greatest adventures. But finding sandals that are comfortable, supportive and stylish is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

NuuSol sandals offer all these features and more. We’d go as far as saying that NuuSol is the last sandal you will ever need.

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1. Designed for Whatever Life Brings

NuuSol sandals are designed to go wherever life takes you, whether you’re heading to the beach, walking around town or traveling across the sea. Whatever life adventure you’re headed on, NuuSol is there to support you every step of the way.

Our sandals are lightweight, non-porous, non-marking and buoyant (they float), so they're great for trips to the lake or beach. But even if you’re just spending the day out on the town, the smart footbed and heel design ensure that your feet stay comfortable all day long.

NuuSol sandals are so comfortable and versatile, they’re the only pair of sandals you’ll ever need.

2. Unmatched Comfort with EVASOL

NuuSol sandals are made with EVASOL, our own unique blend of E.V.A. material. What’s so great about EVASOL? Along with being lightweight and comfortable, our sandals are flexible, supportive and soft.

Because our sandals are non-porous, they won’t collect bacteria or odors. Even after a day out in the summer heat, you can be confident that your NuuSols will be dry, comfortable and smell-free.

3. Style and Support

Trends come and go, but our classic sandal designs are timeless. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style and support.

In fact, NuuSol sandals are doctor recommended for joint pain, back pain and other foot ailments. Our deep heel cups promote good posture while our perfect arch support ensures comfort all day.

4. Cool and Slip-free

If you spend summers at the pool, lake or beach, you know that regular flip-flops can become slippery, uncomfortable and (sometimes) unsafe when they get wet. If you’re tired of having your feet slide around and slip out of your flip-flops, it’s time for a new kind of sandal.

NuuSol sandals were designed for summer heat. Our textured footbed provides comfort, but it also:

  • Promotes healthy air flow to keep your feet cool
  • Provides extra grip to prevent slipping

Our sandals are slip resistant, so you can wear them confidently on wet or dry surfaces. If they fall in the pool, don’t sweat it. They’ll float to the surface and dry quickly in the sun, so you can get on with your day. With NuuSol, you can spend more time enjoying your day and less time worrying about your shoes.

NuuSol comfort sandals offer comfort and support in one stylish package. Whether you’re spending your summer lakeside, backpacking across the country or enjoying an afternoon out on the town, our sandals will keep your feet comfortable, dry and pain-free all day. NuuSol is the last sandal you’ll ever need for all of life’s adventures.

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