The Technology That Sets Us Apart

Through years of research, the chemists behind our amazing blend of E.V.A. have created something special; a material that has exceptional cushion, bounce-back, and durability. This unique combination makes the Cascade flip flop a pleasure to wear.

Why do podiatrists love and recommend NuuSol™? Because its soft and supportive nature can relieve pain from Plantar Fasciitis, sore joints, bad backs, and other foot related ailments. The average person takes 5,000 steps per day, our goal is to make those steps pain free. 

With 7 billion unique individuals in this world, designing footwear can be a challenge. Our designers were up to that challenge, crafting a perfectly contoured footbed that combines proper support with unmatched comfort. They make great house shoes, and help you recover from work, play, travel, or just a long day.

Our planet is absolutely stunning and beautiful, but somehow everything that touches it gets dirty. Luckily NuuSol™ products are non-porous, and machine washable in cold water. If they get really dirty, try a light scrub with soap and water.  

We are an Idaho, USA based company. We love this country, and proudly manufacture all of our products here. This means well-crafted products, domestic customer service, and a happier buying experience.