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I love NuuSol flip flops. They fit snug on your feet and you don’t slide around. Just bought my second pair. My first pair is still in good shape just want another color

They sent a size 9 and not responding to my email for their mistake! Very frustrating at this point when I ordered a 10 and need to get my money refunded or right size delivered

Love the way they feel on my feet

Very comfortable and great for travel

Love them! So comfortable.

Comfort is the best quality of this sandal. No more aches in my feet or ankles after walking a lot.

Men's McCall Clog
O.W. (Semmes, US)
Great For Heel Pain

I just got my clogs last week and what a difference. Super comfortable and great for heel pain. I’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis which causes major heel pain at times. Orthos all tell me do not walk around the house barefoot, that I need a slipper to put on the moment my heat the floor. So I bought these after a foot specialist recommended them. They truly make a difference and I would recommend them to anyone with heel/foot pain issues. I’ve found myself evening wearing them outside as well they are so comfortable. Washed the car in them and I’m about to order a pair of the flip flop style for the beach! Give them a try, you want regret it. Plus being a vet I like that they are made here in America!

Women's Hailey Slide
S.H. (Satellite Beach, US)
Only shoe for achy feet/ fibromyalgia/chronic pain and fatigue

Bought two pairs and pretty much only wore these for a year. Now I'm buying a different color. If you have achy feet, these work very well. If you are between sizes and have narrow feet, go to the lower size. I prefer these to tennis shoes for long distance walking. Only con is that they can be a little slippery when wet, still I go to the beach daily and only wear these.

Women's Cascade Flip Flop
C.W. (Sacramento, US)
Slippery foot bed

These are great for my feet. I have very arches and bunion on one foot. I can wear them all day long, but, if the foot bed gets wet, my feet slip all over the place. I have washed them to get rid of any residual silicone, but it still happens. The sole grip against the ground is fine, my foot slips all over in sandal, alas I only wear them in the house, and they are the only shoes I wear in the house.

I love these flip flops. Very comfortable

I Love these clogs and sandals they will be my boat fishing shoes this 2024 Snapper Season! Gotta look good)!

Men's McCall Clog
O.W. (Semmes, US)
Heel Pain…Level Up for Relief!

I have chronic heel pain, for years since US ARMY active duty. Been treated by Orthos, MRI’s , Nerve Study… etc… I think I’m on the right path to less heel pain. I’ve got inserts and I have to stretch daily. All foot experts have told me to not walk around the house barefoot. One recommended these NuuSol clogs. I figured I’d try a pair and add this to what I currently do. GREAT decision, I leave them by bed, so when I step out I start the day out with support for my planter fascia. This truly has helped. I don’t hobble around for the first 20 minutes, these keep me from over stretching it and stressing it first thing every morning. They are super light, super comfy, and made in USA which I appreciate as a vet! Glad I bought a pair, I’m going to get sandal version next for the beach. Size, I wear a 11 1/2 and went with a 12 and they fit well. Hope this review helps someone else with chronic heel pain feet issues.

Very comfortable. Bought because I needed something with arch support, and I had tried the flip-flop, and it is very comfortable. Great product.

Love them!!

Men's McCall Clog
S.S. (New Port Richey, US)

I love my men's style clogs. Sooooooo comfortable and the interior arch support is amazing. Never buying crocs again. I've had mine for almost two years now.

Women's Hailey Slide
M.J. (Indianapolis, US)

These shoes were actually life changing for me. I know it sounds silly but I have never worn a shoe that made my Lyme Disease ridden joints around my feet feel so much better. I own 8 pairs and in several sizes because my feet swell and I need 2 different sizes.

Women's Cascade Flip Flop
4.C. (Morris, US)
The Cascade are the only sandals I've worn for the last probably 10 years!!

The very best sandal for high arch support, comfort, long-wearing, and easy cleaning. I wear them around the house instead of slippers as I need the arch support much more these days due to foot surgeries and ageing. For cleaning I just wear them in the shower or hose them down outside when doing yardwork. I have 6 pair so far 🤎🩵💚🩶🖤🩷 and am probably not done getting more colors.

Well built, great color but instep is not good. I ordered them in the past and forgot that when I ordered these 2 pair!

Men's McCall Clog

More comfortable than Crocs and made in the USA

Nice and fits well

My 2nd pair, so comfortable, durable and worth it.

I love my NuuSol shoes. I've purchased 2 pairs of slides and 2 pairs of flip flops. Very comfortable. Highly recommend.

I love the fit and style of these sandals! It’s my 3 rd pair! The color goes perfectly with my bathing suit and several clothes I own.

Comfortable a top of sandal a little too wide and very thin